The Epic Week of Trotting

I have been seriously lacking in the blogging department, I do have my reasons though, a) my laptop no longer wants to connect to any WiFi and b) I’m to tired to sit in front of a computer at night.

So much has happened since our solo trail ride, we’re much more confident together.  I’ve also been making the effort to ride every day. The indoor arena is so wonderful to ride in, it rained last Saturday, poor Red and Annie were wet, and it was a little cold.

red Mum brought them in a decided to lunge Annie in the outdoor. I wasn’t there for the fun parts of bucking, farting and kicking. She eventually calmed down and strutted her stuff quite nicely. I also lunged Red, I suck at lunging. I’m to slow, give the wrong signals and it usually just leads to giving pony kisses on the nose. I’d much rather ride.

Here is a break down list of my “Epic Week of Riding!” 

Monday- Mum and I rode in the arena together, I’m glad we lunged them on Sunday, Red was super chill and Annie, was well Annie, Mum had her first ride since her operation! The poor woman had stirrup leathers that couldn’t get any shorter, Annie’s trot is bouncy so mum held on for dear life, whilst going over raised trotting poles… it was quite a scene. Red had her first “jump” over a pole! She lifted both legs at the same time, Whoop! Her ears were forward the whole ride and we trotted like crazy, I am very proud and have myself a little jumping pony!

We rocked it.

We rocked it.

Tuesday- We decided that the weather was to nice to pass on, so we went for a hack! The girls really enjoyed themselves. We were out for a good hour and a half. We saw deer, cows and our wonderful Guardian dogs came with us the whole ride. Mums fixed her stirrup issue and out trotted poor Red and I. Annie is an OTTB, so we would have to canter to keep up with her trot, My god our thighs burnt by the end.

Trying to catch up!

Trying to catch up!

Wednesday- Mum and I were both tired that day, we were all lazy. Trotting was hard work for Red and Annie actually stood still whilst at the mounting block, she was clearly tired. We worked on trotting poles, and lots of bending. The outdoor arena is awesome to ride in.


Thursday (yesterday) – Mum had been injecting the sheep all day and was popped by the time she got home. Red and I had a solo ride. She was amazing! She listened to my leg, did some great turns and got over the flappy arena door. I was a proud momma. Oh and she almost cantered! She’s not done that with a ride yet, she just needs to figure out how to keep her legs going and not fall over when she has a good trot going.

I’m trying to ride 4/5 days a week, Red and I need the exercise 😉 My position has improved so much, no pointy toes and my seat is straight and relaxed. It has made such a difference in how she moves.


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