My Wonderful Sass Pony

Hello, If you were wondering if this blog still exists, yes it does! I’ve been unmotivated lately. My laptop doesn’t connect to ANY WiFi and I hate blogging from my phone.

I told you I was going to blog about my team penning experience and I will. I just don’t have any of the photos I took with me, so it’ll be a weekend blog. Maybe yep…

Clearly Happy We're Back Working

Clearly Happy We’re Back Working

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s about damn time. I managed to get quite a few rides in over the long weekend as I can now get into the outdoor arena, I only rode in there on the Friday. Red was wonderful as usual, she listened to my leg as we did lots of bending around barrels to get her flexible. My riding has improved so much since I started again. My toes no longer point out and I sit upright (My top 2 biggest pet peeves)

I thought that I should grow a pair and take Red for a trial ride after our arena work on Friday. She was kind of crazy. not dangerous though. She refused to walk forward, we moon walked more than we walked and she snorted like I’ve never heard before. It took us 10 minutes to do a 5 minute walk. But we made it! We went to visit the sheep down at the farm yard, Red enjoyed herself. Before I took her back out to the barn we did a little bit of schooling. It was the best we had ridden so far! We kept the trot going, 10m circles figure 8s and serpentine’s! It was wonderful, mum wasn’t to happy as we did it on the front lawn….whoops.


I rode out again on the Sunday, just a nice 2 mile hack, lots of trotting with lengthening and shortening her stride. She loved it! We rode past cows, birds flying all over the place, and even trotted past scary looking crap on the floor. I was a proud momma.

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I am so happy that I can ride every day now, the nights are lighter and it’s warm! We have our first outing next month, it’ll be interesting. I’m swapping the English for a western saddle as we’re going team penning with buffalo! I may shit bricks. It’ll be an awesome experience.


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