Ride For All: A Non-Profit Organisation!

Well it has been far to long since I last blogged! I’ve not ridden In over a month, we still have snow, LOTS of it. We’re supposed to get 5-10cm of the crap Monday. Why?

Ride For All

Remember when I was taking about how we’re setting up a riding facility? Well It’s happened and what’s even more exciting is that we have set up with a few great people, a non-profit riding organisation in Saskatchewan!  We all decided that showing, schooling shows, and other events are just to expensive. No one should pay $200 for a schooling show? Why should anyone have to pay to park their own trailer or warm up their own horse in the arena?

We officially became an organisation on February 26th, and as you can imagine it’s been all hands on deck. We have a Facebook page and a website. Check it out they’re made by yours truly.

Well now the super exciting news it out in the open, down to the less but still exciting stuff. Our indoor arena is amazing, the lighting, level grou10404373_10153160647249042_1398111026800979199_nnd and space, I love it. My step-dad picked up the posts for the inside, and will start fencing the edges soon.

Red is no longer wearing a blanket, it rained the day I took it off, she was not impressed. I’m going to my first team penning event this Saturday, I’ve never watched it before. It’ll be an experience and I will try and get some pics and blog about it.



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