Spring is coming, I hope.

Whoa, It feels like forever since I last blogged! Nothing has really changed OH! Except our indoor coverall arena (I’ll post pics when It’s all up, it’ll give me something to write about!)

I could kiss that nose all day.

I could kiss that nose all day.

Mum moved the horses around the other day. Red, Annie, Tarby and Charlie have been put out in the bigger field with Tango, Duke and Lucky. Poor Sprocket the bully is now where Red and her gang were. As you can imagine they all went nuts and had a good buck/roll/fart.

I was at work so have no pictures or videos of the manic episode.

The horses are fat, it’s like they’ve eaten a barrel and their stomach is now that shape. I’ll be riding lots to get myself and Red into shape. Which is good as tomorrow is the one month mark since I last rode. February in Saskatchewan isn’t very fun. I was supposed to go to an equine expo a couple of weeks ago, but it’s snowed like crazy and warnings were out to not drive on the highway, or anywhere really so I spent the weekend snowed in. I had so many plans to actually do more this winter, thanks to the weather some days I couldn’t go outside as it was -40 *cries


I did manage to take her majesty for a walk on some colder days.

Looking Majestic

Looking Majestic (must pull her mane) Even though it’s gorgeous and long *sulks*

What do you do to pass the winter months? I taught myself to crochet and found an awesome bonnet pattern from Fly On Over, it’s well worth buying. I did start making one, it was looking good apart from the fact I was using yarn and not cotton yarn. I taught myself how to filet stitch and have no worries about making one when I get the correct yarn. Exciting!!!

My new bridle arrived and I can now say I have matching tack.

P.S I saw a bug the other day, must mean that spring is coming, or his GPS was off.

I miss you

Our time will come, I miss you.


3 thoughts on “Spring is coming, I hope.

  1. The stirrups match the blanket, love the color!
    I hope winter won’t be too long this year so you get to use it! Last year we still had snow by the end of april in Manitoba.
    What equine expo did you want to go to?
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your new arena 🙂

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