Spring, are you there?

Isn’t this the time of year when it’s supposed to warm up? Yesterday it was hella cold. At least the nights are getting lighter.


Red’s a little plumpy, the last time we rode I had to upgrade her too another girth, which was still a little snug. She’s a chunky monkey.


I’ve been pumping myself up for spring, we’re starting up an equine facility at the farm! It’s so exciting but a heck of a lot of work. Pinterest has been my best friend, especially for XC jump ideas, we have a few friends giving us pallets (there are so many jumps you can make with just a couple), I’ve also been looking at some flatwork exercises and basic 6 jump course ideas. Any one got any ideas or diagrams?

I’ll be painting jump poles when it’s warmer, helping make jump wings, building obstacles for western riders and what ever else that will need doing to get things up and running before winter comes again *cries*

OH and our indoor coverall is going to be built next Wednesday (18th Feb) I am so freaking excited!!

P.S Hello to my new followers! It’s pretty cool seeing that people from all over the world are reading my stuff! I try to be interesting. I should have more riding posts when the wind doesn’t hurt my face…ha ha ha

Damn we're cute

Damn we’re cute


13 thoughts on “Spring, are you there?

  1. Oh, the indoor!! Let us know how it comes along next week! It’s a never-come-true dream for me to be able to train in one full time again. Summers are awful here. No shade.


      • haha, I know! I DID grow up in Sweden though, and I rode horses in the grueling cold, and sometimes was in tears when it was too cold to get the fingers back to working to get the tack off the horse…

        Not to talk about the loooong, dark days. So I can relate.

        Here, it’s more about being able to do a physically draining sport while breathing straight into a hairdryer, tacking up in a literal sauna, and ignore the sweat pearling up on your lip before even tacking up.
        It’s a glamorous sport, huh? 🙂

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      • I can totally relate! Trying to untack cold leather AND having no finger sensation is just wonderful ha ha ha… We do get quite a few hot days here 26+ Celsius and hundreds of mosquitoes. Oh so glamorous, thank goodness our horses don’t care what we look like.

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  2. Hey … what’s your name actually?! 😀
    Don’t worry you ARE interesting! And your style of writing is fun to read!
    So nice you build up a horse facility at the farm. I would be excited, too.
    Looking forward to pictures of the jumps and obstacles you are going to build.

    Is the wind in Saskatchewan as bad as in Manitoba? I think the wind is worse than the cold when you want to work with horses outside. But we shouldn’t complain. In summer we’ll probably cry about the heat and tons of mosquitoes again 😉


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    • I am so excited to take pictures of my “not so good” building skills haha! The wind here sucks, it can be -15 with a -33 wind chill. WHY? and don’t even get me started on the misquotes my first year here I counted 50+ bites. They must love foreign blood. I still wouldn’t choose anywhere else to live though 😉

      Jess Richardson!


  3. Hey Jess – thanks for following!

    You know you live in the praries when you count at least 15 mosquito bites on each hand 😛
    I know you ride english style but try out leather chaps. They cover your whole legs and protect them from the mosquitoes. And the wind 😉 I always take them with me when I come to visit Manitoba, doesn’t matter what time of the year.


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