Hey, Big Spender!

Damn, I’ve done it again…. the whole idea of having a savings account is to save, which I do every pay cheque. But lately my idea of a savings account is to save for breeches, new bridle, boots etc. Not what it’s supposed to be for, moving out.


Ah, and I also bough a GoPro (Which is totally freaking awesome and I love it so much) Summer riding is gonna be so much fun! .

*Drools* I need spring NOW

*Drools* I need spring NOW

I’ve come to realise that as much as I love Canada and all it’s beauty, English riding gear is hella expensive. I was so lucky to grow up in England and buy a pair of good breeches for $30. Now I’m expected to pay $60+! *Cries*

So when I came home last night to find my mum on our favorite English tack site, I couldn’t resist. Plus there is a mega good sale going on!!!!!!!

We both went a little crazy.

We bought riding jodpur boots, breeches, bridles and gorgeous show jackets! Once we found out that they would fit us in the boobage area, she couldn’t click “add to basket” fast enough.

Enjoy my girly edit, I’m sure I’ll post cat walk pics when it all arrives 😉



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