Pet Peeve

It’s not a normal thing for me to post about how to do things, I am no expert. But there are just some little things that really piss me off, and where else am I going to post them? hehe


                                                                                Our 2nd ride!

Are you ready for my rant?

How to sit on a horse correctly. 


I see way to much of this, especially in basic flatwork. I’m not saying that who ever does this is a terrible horse person. It’s just not good for your balance, for horse and rider. It’s also hard on the riders back.

I found this online and I think it’s great! It explains in detail why and how you should sit.

Of course it’s easier said than done, I was out of riding for three years, so I am trying the fix the bad habit of slouching, I used to be better!


Mini me

mini jess

Mini me and 15. And a hell of a lot thinner…. Tiny tail alert

Just remember to sit tall, shoulders back, chest out and heels down, practice makes perfect

Ride like you’re the queen & you own the ring.

Rant over 😉


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