Meet Jax, our new foster pooch.

This Saturday was pretty exciting, my mum was going to foster a rescue dog!


Since our beloved dog Teenie passed away in December the house has been quiet. Our border collie, Shep wasn’t sure what to do with himself. Teenie was the barker in the house, she would tell us when people were coming down the driveway, bark at the T.V and even fill the silence with the good doggy burp. Shep was trying to do these things. Such as the other night when our outside dogs were barking, Shep decided to pitch in. He sat up, gave a good howl, ran around the house then lay back down. But this was after the other dogs had finished. His timing was a little off.




He always looks sorry for himself in photos.

He always looks sorry for himself in photos.

Teenie had slept in mums bed from the first week we got her, so although there was Shep, the cat and my step dad. Mum still missed having a dog perched on the edge of the bed.

Two weeks ago, mum decided to post a status on facebook saying that she was ready for another small dog (Not that a new dog would ever replace Teenie, she was one in a million) Facebook put her into contact with a lady who runs a rescue. Long story short mun decided to foster a small dog names Jax.

Freaked out Meeko. Our lard ass kitty

Freaked out Meeko the day we brought Jax home. ( Our lard ass kitty)

Jax’s Story

Jax is originally from Arizona, US. This poor little guy was dumped out on the streets to fend for himself, we’re not sure how long he was there. He was then taken to a kill shelter but was luckily rescued along with 24 other dogs. He doesn’t like to be touched ( I don’t blame him). He’s a sweet pooch, and I really hope we give him the home that he’s always wanted.

Such an adorable face!

Such an adorable face!


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