First Ride of the Year!

This weekends weather couldn’t have been any better! (for January in Saskatchewan anyway). Saturday was a perfect +1 and today was around -9. Both days were windy, but luckily enough, our arena was wind free!


I finally got to use my Christmas presents, a new set of a green Lamicell boots, and a breastplate. (I need to punch some extra holes in it, so I didn’t used it) Red looks fabulous! I would post a photo, but I have just realised that I was using them back to front. So yeah…


Brought Red in and gave her a good groom, with her blanket off! she enjoyed it and gave me lots of kisses. I tacked her up, which took longer than it should have. She has gained quite a few pounds and as been upgraded to a rather large girth. I had to get my stepdad to come out and help tighten it, no such luck. We just had red faces and a polite pissed off horse.

Looking fine, with our instagram filter.

Looking fine, with our instagram filter.

After getting on her and warming her up with lots of bending, halts and backing up, we got right into trotting! We did lots of turns, weaving in and out of barrels and cones. She listened really well and did everything I asked, a little lazy, but the snow is deep which made her pick her feet up. On our cool down walk I started to work on her bringing her head down, once we got pass the issue of “you have go forward not back” she did really well and I am so proud!

My riding has improved a little, I can feel myself sitting straight and my toes are not pointing outward as much! I do need to lower my hands though, she’s very green so I’ll raise them up when she understands what I’m really asking of her.


Once again the battle of the girth began, this time was easier, except for my bleeding fingers…

My ride was wonderful today, so much easier than yesterday. We did more trotting, bending in and out of the barrels was great, she’s listening to my legs aids and we trotted smoothly around corners. I forced myself to ride with no stirrups, her trot is so comfy she makes me look pro.

I really can’t wait for lighter nights and warmer weather!



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