Neighyears Resolutions

2014 was a great horsey year for me, I got back into riding after having 3 years off, I got over being a nervous wreck,I’ve jumped, had some good gallops, got better at my flat work, had concussion, been out and about with Red, mum and her horse Annie, and splurged out on tack (no regrets)

Looking fine

Looking fine

I really hope this year is the year that Red and I can do more, whether it’s going out and meeting other horse lovers, mastering the art of tail braiding, or working our asses off at home. I just need the snow to melt and the weather to warm up!

They sky wasn't actually that colour, I was messing around with some editing.

They sky wasn’t actually that colour, I was messing around with some editing.

As I live in Canada, it’s a pain in the ass to ride throughout the winter, it’s cold and everything is covered in snow. Not my idea of a good time. My goal is to do something every month, whether is be working on a previous task or doing something completely new. Here is my list of 2015 goals!

  • Master the art of braiding, I can do a basic braid, but pinterest has so many ideas and I want to try them all!
  • Take Red out for walks, if it’s cold I can wrap up like a burrito, and Red can keep her blanket on, win win.
  • Clean my tack at least once a month, tack isn’t cheap, as we all know.
  • Try and groom Red every day, it’s just an excuse for snuggles.
  • Ride 5/6 days a week, us sexy curvy ladies have gotta work to keep looking this good.
  • Ride with no stirrups every time I ride, working from 5 mins upwards.
  • Canter around bareback with my arms in the air #instagramstyle
  • Take part in a couple of fun shows
  • Try and get a ribbon, yes even a purple “participation” one.
  • Learn to drive the truck and trailer
  • Go more places with mum and her Thoroughbred Annie.
  • Jump 3ft
  • Jump a cross country course
  • Do flat work to music, preferably to Beyonce. We have sass

Rider position issues that need to change! (Note to self)

  • Stop pointing your toes woman, you’re not a penguin
  • keep balanced and posh looking, when you slouch you look ridiculous (your boobs will not appreciate)
  • soft hands
  • Use legs more

DIY projects that I will hopefully do!

  • Crochet a bonnet, I can crochet, I just need to get better.
  • Make a saddle pad
  • Figure out how to heck polos are supposed to go
  • Decorate a brow band, so Red looks fine 😉
  •  Make cross country jumps
  • Paint the jump poles we have (I’ve painted a couple pink and purple)
  • Keep this blog active

Well, there we have it, my 2015 horse bucket list I’ve probably missed a bunch, but hey, I have a whole year to do this and more.


 Happy new year!


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