Side Rein Sassitude

Yesterday was a new experience for Red. Side reins!


I wish I had caught her on video, because she was a nutcase. She was rearing, bucking, farting, spinning, backing up and side passing, and that was before I clipped the side reins on. I eventually had to drop the lunge line. I couldn’t help myself but laugh, because she wasn’t listening to me.

She eventually calmed down and walked up to me snorting. Once she was listening I got her to walk, trot and stop on both sides. then I clipped the side reins on.

She was wonderful, she listened, gradually dropped her head and didn’t flight the pressure. We did that on both sides and called it a day. It was pretty cold and my glasses kept steaming up, I couldn’t see a damn thing.

Please excuse the crappy photo quality!

Working that booty

Working that booty

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I got a nice new breast plate and some boots for Red. They’re still in the mail though, I didn’t want anything until a week before Christmas!


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