My WonderMare!

In my last post I mentioned that my new amazing Wonder Woman set arrived!!! I freaking love it, and Red looks awesome.


I ordered a saddle pad, bonnet and 2 polo wraps. I haven’t used the wraps yet, I need to learn how to use them. Mum will come in handy. The girl who I ordered them off of has a great little business, she can make custom orders. You can look here.

We had a great ride yesterday! She was willing, forward going and did everything I asked. Something has clicked and I am so proud. I can’t wait for light nights so I can ride more. Winter sucks, but at least I can ride at weekends and the weather has been surprisingly warm! There are still some things I need to work on in our trot, now that we can keep the trot going I can focus more on my position, I have a crappy habit of leaning forward and pointing my toes. It’s annoying me. I have also tightened my rein, so I have more contact,  I’m still gentle but now she’s getting the hang of things we can work toward using her back end to strengthen her muscles. I love my little mare.

She’s looking a little “fluffy”.




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