It’s a Mare Thing

I have been extremely inactive these past few days, but honestly I had nothing interesting to really talk about. This week so far hasn’t been very interesting, the same routine of work, eat, sleep and repeat. Oh but my new cooler arrived!

Looking Fine

Looking Fine

I guess today was some what interesting when I had to leave work due to a crappy migraine, I get them more often than I should. So when I got home I hung out in the dark, crocheted a little, took some painkillers and felt a little better, enough to ride, the light still hurt but it was +4!! If you don’t know Saskatchewan weather, when It’s +4 outside and you can ride take the chance. Because next week it’ll probably be down to -20 again.

Red was a real lady today, when I got to the barn she was sunbathing and didn’t look to happy about the saddle and bridle I was carrying, although she did get up to come and greet me at the gate. Such a sweetheart.

After taking the blankets off the other horses (they were pretty happy to get some sun on their backs), I tacked Red up. She has gained a “little” bit of winter weight, enough winter weight that it’s a hell of a work out doing her girth up. I remember saying “Ok girl, lets take 5” a few times. I also recently cleaned my bridle, and being the clutz I am, I put some straps on the wrong way, so I had to take it off and fix it. Red was not complaining about that part.

After faffing around, which happens way more than it should, (if I ever go showing it’ll be a long day) I took her in the arena and got a lesson off of mum.

We've got some winter weight happening...

We’ve got some winter weight happening..

We worked on our trotting and keeping the momentum going, there is a certain corner that she stops at, we got through it today which made me proud of us both.. She was pretty stubborn though, speed was not on our side.

Here are a few things that I need to work on.

  • Keeping my damn toes in, I am not a penguin.
  • Shoulders back!
  • keeping my feet still
  • Using my legs more ( I have improved since I first started riding again)
  • Keeping Red motivated and keeping her going forward, she can be as stubborn as a donkey when she wants. I may use a riding crop, just to give her a tap on the shoulder if squeezing and a kick doesn’t work.

Overall we’ve improved lots, I stopped riding for a few years whilst I figured out life. It’s all coming back to me each time I ride and I also love that she’s green, we can grow together.

Trotting through the snow!

Trotting through the snow!




2 thoughts on “It’s a Mare Thing

  1. Hi there! It’s great to see someone admitting what they need to work on and actually working on it! Your horse is gorgeous! I love connecting with other horse lovers. I’ve started a blog on equine health with programs I’ve found all across the internet that help educate horse owners. If you’re interested or have any ideas for future posts you’d be interested in, please take a look and let me know! Have a great day and happy riding!


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