I Am The Crocheting Queen!

10686947_10152885492659042_329321037341125770_nOver the last few weeks I have been looking for a winter hobby, one that involves staying inside in the warmth. My drawing skills aren’t to amazing, and my painting is just crap. My boyfriend has 5 guitars, or as he likes to correct me “3 acoustics, 2 electrics and a bass”. I’ve not been to interested in learning how to play them, I don’t understand how anyone can make their fingers stretch that far..

I started looking in the wonderful world of Pinterest, which just shows me that some people are amazingly talented! I wanted a hobby that I could put to use, and maybe if I got good enough at something, sell. Candle making, collages. recipes and to be honest I can’t remember half of them.

One thing did catch my eye though, and that was crocheting! So I just had to give it a try, I bought myself a couple of different sized hooks, and some pretty coloured yarn, drove home, watched a few youtube videos and got at it! After 3 days of trying to figure out how to hell to make a double crochet I got pretty ok at it. The hardest part was making the chain loops the same size, which resulted in a very curved finished short scaf looking thing.

Pretty Colour.

Pretty Colour.

Here is my finished curved thing, I think it took me a couple of days, I was really addicted.,,

10405309_10152888308729042_8293964199236698157_nThen I got some thicker yarn and made my mum a scarf, not bad.

Well that concludes my boring “I can now now crochet” post. I hope to make fly bonnets and I now want to learn how to use the sewing machine to make quarter sheets, saddle pads, polo’s and maybe try and make cute baby hats!

Thanks for getting through this. haha!


2 thoughts on “I Am The Crocheting Queen!

  1. I learnt to crochet so I could make fly bonnets. My advice would be to start by finding one that fits really well and copy the size and shape of that because it’s heartbreaking to spend time making something that doesn’t fit your horse well enough for him to be comfortable in. I learnt that the hard way!


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