The Future Jess & Red

quarterhorse saskatchewan equestrian equine

I love this picture so much, she’s such a curious mare.

I’ve spent most of my day thinking about what I should write about, so as you can imagine my work day was not productive.I would really like to write about horse treat recipes, products and training tips, but I think that I should blog about those as I do them! Like a how to step by step guide. 

Anyway, I have decided to dedicate this post to my goals and aspirations with Red. I don’t ride as much as I used to, I don’t know why, lack of motivation maybe. I need to get back into it, for Red’s sake and I do love riding. I had so many riding friends in England, we would visit each others barn’s and have horsey sleepovers, go to pony camps and have a full day hacking out. Out here I find it harder to meet people, it’s further to travel, making it an expensive day out, and as far as I know there are not to many horse people around my age in his area.

We had just mastered keeping her momentum with trotting in a full circle. It was a proud day!

We had just mastered keeping her momentum with trotting in a full circle. It was a proud day!

So my goals for this coming show season is to meet people, I’m not in it to win it, I don’t need ribbons and trophies. I would just like to meet people and enjoy my equine hobby.So how do i get there?

  • Ride as much as I can, even if it’s for just 10 minutes (It is -25 at times) Little and often is better than nothing.
  • Rather than faffing around I am going to make my riding sessions productive!
  • Stop arguing with my mum when she gives me riding lessons, although I think it’s a mother daughter thing that we have going on
  • Youtube Its full of horse help
  • Spend as much time with Red as possible, hanging out with her is just as important as my time in the saddle.
saskatchewan quarterhorse

She’s not a fan at looking at the camera.

Overall just keep doing what I’m doing but with a bit more motivation, yes even kicking my butt out of the house on a lovely cold -35 winter day, Red is worth all of the cold nights and snowy days.


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