The result of the delicious Carrot Cookie Treats!

red horse equestrian

A satisfied face 

Well after letting my homemade horse treats set in the fridge over night (they were still kind of soft, so maybe I’ll add more oats or flour) I put on lots of layers (it’s -32 with the wind today) and went outside to hang out with Red. Continue reading


Horse Carrot Cookies

She loves treats, the spoilt mare!

She loves treats, the spoilt mare!

I have been so excited all day to come home and make these! Red is one spoilt horse, I’ve taught her to give me kisses for treats, yes I know you’re probably thinking. “that will teach your horse to bite and crowd your personal space”  well luckily for me she is one of a kind, and doesn’t do that..yet.

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The Future Jess & Red

quarterhorse saskatchewan equestrian equine

I love this picture so much, she’s such a curious mare.

I’ve spent most of my day thinking about what I should write about, so as you can imagine my work day was not productive.I would really like to write about horse treat recipes, products and training tips, but I think that I should blog about those as I do them! Like a how to step by step guide.  Continue reading