The Epic Week of Trotting

I have been seriously lacking in the blogging department, I do have my reasons though, a) my laptop no longer wants to connect to any WiFi and b) I’m to tired to sit in front of a computer at night.

So much has happened since our solo trail ride, we’re much more confident together.  I’ve also been making the effort to ride every day. The indoor arena is so wonderful to ride in, it rained last Saturday, poor Red and Annie were wet, and it was a little cold.

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My Wonderful Sass Pony

Hello, If you were wondering if this blog still exists, yes it does! I’ve been unmotivated lately. My laptop doesn’t connect to ANY WiFi and I hate blogging from my phone.

I told you I was going to blog about my team penning experience and I will. I just don’t have any of the photos I took with me, so it’ll be a weekend blog. Maybe yep…

Clearly Happy We're Back Working

Clearly Happy We’re Back Working

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Winter Blues

There is nothing I want more than the snow to melt and the sun to actually do what it’s supposed to do, be hot. Every time I see pictures or videos of people riding I get twitchy and annoyed, which results into binge watching Gro Pro head cam videos on youtube (they’re awesome by the way).

Red will get right in Trixies face, even though she's barking as loud as she can.

Red will get right in Trixies face, even though she’s barking as loud as she can.

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